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What fans can expect to gain from the delay of ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’

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Previously expected to launch on Oct. 7, the release date of the upcoming third installment of Bioware’s popular fantasy franchise has now been delayed until Nov. 18. With the opportunity to get six more weeks to work on the game, what improvements can gamers expect to be made to Dragon Age: Inquisition as a result of the delay? Answering part of that question, Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah created a lengthy post on July 22 that detailed many of the reasons behind why the launch was pushed back.

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If gamers remember, Dragon Age: Inquisition was originally slated to release towards the end of last year. This initial delay was made in order to make a number of sweeping changes to the game. Darrah explained that without this first delay the game wouldn’t have included the option for fans to select to play as various fantasy races since Bioware initially only intended the protagonist of Inquisition to be a human. The delay also gave the developer time to rework the tactical camera and optimize the series’ move to a new engine.

All of the new features were added because the first delay of Dragon Age: Inquisition gave the developer almost an additional year to work on the game. The recently announced delay, however, will only provide another six weeks of development time. This means fans shouldn’t expect for any ore features to be added to the game. Instead, the new release date will simply give Bioware the window necessary to complete the title with proper polish.

The additional time won’t be used to further market the game or provide players with previously unexpected benefits either. Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider told fans on Wednesday that they shouldn’t expect to receive a demo of the game as the extra time is needed to actually finish the game rather that create more work for the developer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is now scheduled to release on Nov. 18 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The Dragon Age Keep app that will allow players to set their world state for the upcoming game is still expected to launch ahead of Inquisition but Bioware hasn’t revealed whether it will also be impacted by the delay as well.