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What exactly are shadow people?

An artists rendtion of a shadow person
Wikimedia Commons/Timitzer

Shadow people in a paranormal retrospective are malevolent spirits, some even go as saying they are demonic entities. Some people call it an out of the body experience, and oddly enough that shadow people are people from the future. Aliens even have been associated with the idea of shadow people.

So there are many speculations on what exactly could be a shadow person. What makes the most paranormal sense is calling it an evil spirit that drains your energy.

ShadowPeople.Org is a place where people can share their stories about their experiences. The website has been around since 2007. It's worth to check out if you're interested in hearing people's stories about their experiences with ghosts and shadow people.

Not everyone believes that, some say they are hallucinations, your imagination going wild. They believe that the subject is actually perceiving a patch of shadows in their peripheral vision. Seeing shadow people is blamed on using illegal drugs, side effects of medications, sleep deprivation, and other logically reasons.

In 2013, there was a horror thriller made called "Shadow People." The movie was directed by Matthew Arnold, and it starred Dallas Roberts, Alison Eastwood, and Anne Dudek.

I think that we all seen something that looked like someone once, but in reality it wasn't anything. Some of us though have really believed that they saw and was attacked by something menacing, and what can we say? There is always a possibility isn't there?

Have you ever experienced shadow people? Share your stories!


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