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What every receptionist must remember about

A receptionist is the first person people meet in any organization, in most cases he is also the first business contact they hear on the phone or communicate with via e-mail. This fact makes his position quite important in office administration though seemingly simple. The receptionist's primary responsibility is to greet incoming visitors and callers, so to be literary a face of the firm.

The labor market is full of vacancies of receptionist jobs as the process of firms' occurrence, booming and bankruptcy never stops. Organizations' extension and development also result in increase of the personnel that can help clients and new-comers orient, and inspire them with positive emotions about the company. That's why if you tend to receive this place you'll have to be ready for particular responsibilities, possess special skills, abilities and features. Experienced workers in this sphere are highly demanded, so prepare to compete.

These are some important points you as future candidate for the vacancy must think about. First of all – pleasant appearance, intelligible pronunciation and good communicative abilities. Remember that mandatory duties of a receptionist commonly include answering visitor inquiries about the company and its members, directing new-comers to appropriate contacts, sorting mail, answering incoming calls, and arranging appointments for guests to meet with company staff. You are to make a good impression of yourself that will later reflect on client's opinion about the company itself. Sometimes your salary may depend on it.

Secondly, in most cases staff at the front desk also performs a security guard function. You'll have to monitor who is coming and going through the company doors, observe and report all suspicious behavior or activity. It requires professional concentration on several things at a time as well as permanent alertness. It's not so easy to handle when you're constantly interrupted by the phone calls you have to answer in a calm professional manner, or give visitors all the needed information while watching other people in the hall.

At last, note that there is hardly a workplace without modern technologies involved. Receptionists of our age are expected to be well familiar with computer and software programs and deal with electronic database. Sometimes large companies hire several receptionists to separate their duties. For example an answering service is created separately from reception in the main hall.

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