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What ever happened to St. John the Baptist's head?

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Matthew chapter 14, verses 1 to 12, describe the utter disregard Herod, Herodias, and Herodias' daughter had for the dignity of the human life of St. John the Baptist. After beheading him, and parading his head on a plate, John's disciples came and buried John's body. With a little research we might find that his head was buried with it; or we might find that the perpetrators of this crime cruelly withheld his head from his disciples.

Does anyone know what happened to John's head?

More importantly, how is John's head a symbol for the utter disregard for Christianity witnessed worldwide today?

Whether on the continent of Africa, where Islamic Fundamentalists regularly slaughter Christians, and kidnap and rape their young women, or in the Middle East where the same occurs at the hands of Isis, Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or the government of Iran, Christians are regularly murdered, raped, robbed, and persecuted on a daily basis.

The greater crime is that the Western media is not interested. It would rather report on the actions of Israel against the Palestinians, or the 'humanitarian crisis' on our southern border. For, Christianity is not a minority in numbers (but a minority in respect, and human rights), and the liberal/progressive/secularist media would rather expound on the sufferings of racial minorities, homosexuals, and people of any other religion than Christianity.

So, what does this have to do with John the Baptist's head?

As John's head went missing out of blatant disregard for human dignity, so do the lives of millions of Christians worldwide every day. Likewise, innocent babies, babies of all faiths, and some from families without any, are symbolically beheaded through abortion. Add the fact that Judeo-Christianity in Europe and America is the scapegoat, target, and stooge for every progressive-secularist attack, and joke, you can sense the blatant disrespect for, not only, the Body of Christ in the Church (especially the Roman Catholic Church), but also for the Head of the Body, Jesus Christ.

It is fitting that all prophets prefigure Jesus Christ. And it is fitting, therefore, that the Body of Christ in the world (the Church) receives a prophet's reward for witnessing to Jesus our Lord.

So, in a sense, our beheading is only the normal consequence of our faith.