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What does your name mean?

Naming of children is an important part of religious and cultural history. Some have elaborate ceremonies and or guidelines for choosing names. The child’s name was believed to impact his or her entire life and should be selected with the most sincere, purposeful care. The Christian tradition has many popular names with Biblical roots.

Do you have a Biblical name? Do you know what your name means? With lineage records like that of I Chronicles 1, the Bible is the world's largest resource for baby names. You can find over eight thousand Biblical names and/or names with Biblical roots at You can also find the meaning and origin of Biblical names at

If your name is not found explicitly in the Bible, you may be able to search its meaning in other resources such as Here you can find the gender, origin and meaning of many names.

My name is Shenica. Recently I learned that “Shen” in the Egyptian language (means encircle – as with a ring; like the symbol for eternity – it is never-ending. When a name was written (originally in heiroglyphs) inside the circle, it usually denoted a person of royalty. In both the Greek and Hungarian languages, the name ica means light; and it is gender-specific: it’s a girl!

My maternal grandfather was a minister with great anointing. Though he passed away several years ago, I think of him lovingly on many occasions. He had so much joy. I remember his smile as he called me, “Shen-ica,” instead of “Shenica,” as if my first name was two words rather than one. This always made me laugh as a child. Then, as an adult, I was still Shen-ica to him.

As I learn to see the thread of God in every fabric of my life, I notice how He has been pleading my case with the Father since the beginning of time.It seemed such a light-hearted play on words when my grandfather and I giggled and smiled at his pronunciation of my name. Now that I know the power of the spoken word, it seems more like prophecy. My grandfather proclaimed throughout his life in my presence, that his grandaughter is a royal circle of light. God is bringing it to pass. I stand in awe.


Devotional Reading: (I Chronicles 1, I Chronicles 2)
Affirmation: I have victory because God has a blessing with my name on it! (Jeremiah 29:11)


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  • Bible Prophecy Examiner 5 years ago

    An interesting observation and one which escapes most people. I believe that all things are motivated by spiritual phenomena. Thus, rather than the child’s name impacting his or her entire life, our parents are moved to name us using a moniker which reflects our core personality. We see evidences of this throughout the Bible.

    Jacob, the "supplanter," was indeed a bit of a rascal. Goliath meaning "splendor," was no doubt a splendid specimen of a man until he met David, which meant "beloved." And David was beloved by God.

    Enoch meaning "dedicated," was so string in his dedication that he was translated without tasting death. The world's first post diluvian king Nimrod, who rebelled against God at Babel was given a name which means "rebellion" or "the valiant."

    These are but a few examples of this spiritual principal.

    A very astute observation on your part Shenica.

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