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What does your name mean?


  • Bible Prophecy Examiner 6 years ago

    An interesting observation and one which escapes most people. I believe that all things are motivated by spiritual phenomena. Thus, rather than the child’s name impacting his or her entire life, our parents are moved to name us using a moniker which reflects our core personality. We see evidences of this throughout the Bible.

    Jacob, the "supplanter," was indeed a bit of a rascal. Goliath meaning "splendor," was no doubt a splendid specimen of a man until he met David, which meant "beloved." And David was beloved by God.

    Enoch meaning "dedicated," was so string in his dedication that he was translated without tasting death. The world's first post diluvian king Nimrod, who rebelled against God at Babel was given a name which means "rebellion" or "the valiant."

    These are but a few examples of this spiritual principal.

    A very astute observation on your part Shenica.

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