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What does today have to offer?

     Why claim any practice that says it holds the whole truth? To hold to only what we think we know is truth, limits us from all we do not yet know. When dealing with Eternity and Infinity (God) it would be silly, in my opinion, to say that we can know the ONLY truth about God. We, at best, may claim to hold a truth about God and we can even know God, yet we cannot know the ONLY truth of God.
Ultimate Truth must be the culmination of all truths.

     Infinite Power and Love tends to be very accommodating; therefore, all religions hold an aspect of The Divine. The whole truth is too big to be held – it is simply meant to be enjoyed. For the reason of finding our Joy, meditation is important, because our Divine Connection is found within. God’s Will for each piece of the Universal Body is ‘written’ within each piece of that Body – the birds know how to be birds, the rocks know how to be rocks, and you, well, you know how to be you. Here’s where we pull all the mystery out of things: All that we have to do is look within ourselves and we have found God. That’s right; we have found the exact piece of the Universal Body that we were created to be. There is no mistake in our Divine Purpose, the reason why we are here; it is to be what we are (by the way you are doing great at it and have done so your whole life).

     God Consciousness occurs once we realize that we are a Divine Gift, created as such, to be a blessing to all of creation. We cannot fail at what we are, because we are already it. We exist in Eternity – there is no ‘afterlife’, there is only life – so be present with your Inner Divinity and bless the world as ‘God’s Gift to the world’. The truth just mentioned is a truth that can only inspire greatness and is a tell tale sign that, like God, we belong to all religions; yet, none can contain us.
Let it be so (Amen)


Be grateful for what is offered today; even this moment is a miracle.
(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)


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