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What does the color status update in Facebook stand for? Race for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many facebook users may have noticed one or two word status update posts from their female friends over the last couple of days. So what exactly does this represent?

It seems women are uniting in their support of Breast Cancer Awareness by sharing the color of their bra on their facebook status. And some of the responses can get pretty interesting.

Women have been showing their support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month for 25 years now, from running marathons to raise money, to providing intimate details to their nearest and dearest friends on social networking sites.

On Sunday, February 21, 2010, supporters can participate in the National Marathon to fight Breast Cancer, which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida. This marathon provides 100% of all registration fees and raised funds to the Mayo Clinic for breast cancer research and to aid women who are fighting the disease.

Even if you are not able to make the third annual 26.2 (registrants can also participate in a half-marathon or relay), there are other ways to help. First of all, pass on the information to help increase awareness. You may know someone who can participate.

Second of all, keep showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Whether it is through fundraising, running in a marathon, or proudly sharing the color of your undergarments, the fight against breast cancer begins with an individual: you.