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What Does the Cloud Have in Store for 2014?

Cloud computing has certainly had an impact on businesses in recent years. In fact, it is also being used by individuals and it provides information at their fingertips, when they need to have it available (Source). Although this type of technology is becoming widely used, it is still something that is growing and as a result, there are big changes that occur on an annual basis. Here are some of things that you can expect to see occur in cloud computing in 2014.

Leveling the Playing Field - One of the interesting changes that will take place in 2014 is that the playing field will be leveled. In essence, it is going to give small companies access to the same software that for the most part, has only been available for larger companies. This may help the smaller companies to compete, if they use the software to their advantage. In part, this is due to the ability for anyone to place information on the Internet, including applications which can be of use to companies of any size.

Increased competition - As businesses and individuals continue to use the cloud more frequently, competition is bound to increase. This will make it possible for everyone to access the space that is necessary to store their information. In addition, it will increase the services that are provided in the cloud, including additional software which will focus on the acquisition of new customers. As the competition continues to increase, the options that are available will make it more and more convenient for everyone to use the cloud.

Additional Intelligence - One of the interesting features that are available on the top cloud services is the ability to edit information without downloading it to your location. This is something that is going to increase in 2014, allowing individuals to take care of business and personal items from any location and any computer. The options that will become available in 2014 will range from individual files that can be edited to a full range of solutions that will be of benefit to larger corporations.

Faster Access - The servers that are being used for cloud services are becoming increasingly fast, adding additional speed for those that use them. In 2014, you should continue to see the speed increase as a result of those additional servers being added to the cloud. In addition, Internet speeds continue to increase and this will also improve the ability to access remote files. Finally, the growth of server locations will put them within easy reach of anyone who plans on using them regularly (Source:

Decentralization - As the world continues to move to mobile technology and operating much of their business in a cloud environment, it will continue to decentralize technology in a number of key ways. Because of the increase in technology and the availability of additional applications, which run directly on the cloud, it will operate more like a local environment. This will be of benefit to individual users, but it will be of particular benefit to larger businesses that use the cloud from multiple locations.

Maxwell Pierce is a leading thinker on cloud technology having had years of experience working in IT for various global enterprises. He now does independent research on developing cloud applications for the IT industry.

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