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What Does the Class of 2013 Look Like?

It is important for educators, and their institutions, to understand the worldview their future populations hold.

Students were polled by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program. Here's what they found:

They are less likely to attend their first choice college – mostly due to financial concerns.

This may be an echo of their predecessors’ pains. Previous classes have gone into historic debt to get their degrees. Despite facing the lowest unemployment rate in five years, finding THE job versus finding A job seems to have driven this incoming class to make more grounded choices during their college selection process.

More than two thirds support the notion that the wealthy should pay a larger tax than they currently do.

About 86% of incoming women support gay and lesbians’ rights to legally adopt, in comparison to 82% of women in the 2010 class.

These numbers are also important for the 2014 elections, as political parties test the pulse of this largely-coveted voting base.

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