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What does the Bible actually say about Jesus and God?

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This will be short.

A while back, a lady in Mesa told me her Bible told her unequivocally that Jesus is God. She showed me John 1:1. I showed her about five scriptures I felt showed Jesus to be God's son, not God. Yet, somehow, in her mind her one scripture outweighed my five.

I went home and made a list. But, not being much of a computer genius, I could never figure out how to share my spreadsheet with my readers.

Well, I just figured it out. I put it on something called Google Sheets. Google created a link, and you can now get to my spreadsheet by clicking here.

I like to stick to what the Bible actually says - not what people think it says, or what they wish it said. So in column one I put subheadings such as: Jesus had a beginning. Jesus was taught by God. Jesus was in subjection to God. Jesus was still in subjection to God after his resurrection.

Under each subheading are scriptures, from various Bibles, that seem to me to prove these points.

In column two are subheadings that say the opposite: Jesus is God and therefore had no beginning. Jesus is God and therefore was never taught anything. Jesus is God and therefore was was never in subjection... There are spaces provided for a person to add scriptures they feel prove those statements.

I hope you check it out.

One other thing: If you read the 5-part series I did on blood, you need to go back to part 5, scroll to the bottom, and click on the link someone posted, to a video about why blood is killing so many people. It's brief, but well worth viewing. Please pass the links on to everyone you know! Thanks.



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