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What does the American flag mean?


Louis Haros' flag flying outside his house in California

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“Proud to be an American” seems to be an evolving idea.  Or is it?  When we think of the American flag it might not conger up that many ideas because we are so inundated with images.  However, if a person has to stop and describe to someone else what the flag represents it would be hard to do without uttering the word freedom.  As much as certain groups around the world would like for the US citizens to believe that we are hated, and there maybe a thread of truth there, but the reality is we are the poster child for freedom around the world.  We have the freedom to seek our own happiness, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom to do business, freedom to make a profit, freedom to educate ourselves, freedom to worship.  The American flag is the symbol that many fights have been fought and many lives have been sacrificed to make sure that the citizens of the United States are free. So, Louis Haros, fly your tattered flag, fly it high and proud! God Bless the United States of America!

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