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What does Terry Jones want?

What does Terry Jones want?

The Gainesville evangelist certainly seemed to be media savvy as he has put his tiny work, The Dove World Outreach Center on the map with his plans to burn the Quran, but now this examiner is not so sure. Pastor Jones has crossed the point of no return by his comments and preliminary movements when it came to his plans to “send a message to the Muslim world”.

One must not be too hasty to judge his actions; any of us who have earnestly sought the Lord’s will are known from time to time to do or say something that is not universally accepted, but it looks like he did not do his homework. If you watched the news footage of the original announcement to cancel the burning carefully, the disconnect between the cause of course change and its effect was profound. Even what Jones said did not indicate that the mosque was being moved; Mushri’s comments also did not make that statement. It appeared that Pastor Jones was looking for an escape and when he saw it, he took it. After all, the burning was not tied to the mosque project; he didn’t say “We’re burning Qurans unless the mosque is moved or cancelled.”Which brings us back to the original question: What does Terry Jones want?

If he wanted to send a message, he has succeeded. It does not appear to be the same one he had in mind, but he was never too clear on what that message was unless it was, “American Christians place higher import on our feelings than on the Word.” But any serious observer of our culture already knew that. His proposed method of communication betrays a misunderstanding or willful ignorance of Islamic culture and lack of concern about brothers and sisters living in Muslim dominated lands. If holy war was the message he REALLY wanted to send, he should have gone to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and burned the Qurans; that would have been more symbolically accurate than burning them safe at home.

But it seems Mr. Jones only wanted his 15 minutes of fame for his flock and himself. And in that, he has succeeded perhaps more than even he thought possible. And in the words of Jesus, “He has his reward.”

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