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What does someone need for organizing?

One of the first questions asked is, “What do I need to begin organizing?” Simply put, cleaning and sorting supplies.

Cleaning Supplies:

Because dust bunnies, debris and stains appear where they are least expected during organizing, individuals will want to be equipped with their preferred cleaners and other possibly-needed cleaners (e. g., carpet cleaner) beforehand. This will prevent having to stop mid-organizing and risk losing “steam” to continue with their organizing goal.

Holders and Labels:

Don’t purchase expensive boxes/containers and labels to begin with. These can be costly; especially when an individual usually does not know what size of containers/boxes will be needed or how he/she will label them until later. Instead, using purses, used boxes, crates, duffel bags, backpacks, plastic bags, drawers, or anything else that can hold something will work. Meanwhile, paper cut into squares, attached with tape, will work fine as make-shift labels.

How many holders and labels do people need?

In truth, individuals only need to sort items into five different “holders” as shown here:

1. Out-of-Place: For items belonging to the room working in but belonging in a different section of the room than the one working in.

2. Outbox: For items belonging in another room that somehow grew legs and walked to the room that one is working in.

3. Others: For items that were borrowed from or that is intended to go to someone that does not live inside the home.

4. Keepsakes: For precious items that one comes across that will no longer be displayed in the target room.

5. Trash: A trash bag for those items that will be thrown out.

Note: If an individual ran out of room in one type of container, there are two choices: (1) create another holder for that type of item or (2) empty the item at the dump station into its matching box (see below). If it is not too full, at the end of the day the choices you have are to empty it into its matching dump station box or taking the box around the home emptying it of each room’s contents.

Overflow Station:

An overflow station is optional, consisting of at least three large boxes labeled as (1) Outbox, (2) Others, and (3) Keepsakes. Also in the dump station is a trashcan for when a trash bag becomes too full. The dump station can be centralized in the home or room for convenience.

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