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What does software testing jobs entail?

You must have come across this term, leaving you jargonized or may be you might have heard someone saying that he or she works as a software tester. So lets take a broad look on what does software testing job entails, what is the role of a software tester, the remuneration offered and the advantages. This career is often take up by individuals who have a knack for coding and have studied programming languages as a part of their graduate curriculum. Software Testing, is a promising career option with progressive growth, along with handsome salary packages and travel options.

Software's are developed everyday by programmers, and in order to check the functionality of the software developed, testers are employed to do the same in actual user environment where the software is to be used. Functionality is one of the prime factors, in software testing before being delivered to it's customers. If it does not perform the task, for which it has been designed then it would need to be tweaked to function properly. Here the role of a Tester comes into play, as the Tester would identify the bugs and flaws in a completed software application before being delivered. The tester would then convey the bugs and fixes to the development team to rectify the probable errors in the set of the codes.

Software industry being dynamic in nature where new softwares and their consequent updates are released from time to time, which also generates Software Testing Jobs in abundance. These jobs are open for all who posses the correct mindset and skills, a career in this domain is a fruitful one. This job profile, is available for everyone irrespective of their area of study and degree as the technicalities or the skills required can be learned on the job, which makes the employers flexible in hiring candidates without a Bachelor's degree in IT or allied fields.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, entry-level profiles are offered an annual compensation starting from Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 5 Lakhs. Once you reach mid-level of your career as a tester, you may expect your annual compensation to rise anywhere between Rs. 5 to 9 Lakhs. Your profile as a tester may or may not include travel depending upon the clients your company deals with.

Being an software tester means that you'll always be an in-demand professional, with a well defined career path. It also provides transferable skills which will allow you to make an horizontal shift within the IT sector. The projects you would be working on will be varied, not leading you to monotony with your job. The certifications which you will take up from time to time will leverage your career progression.

Lastly, this career is for those who are curious and like enveloping themselves with tactical tasks, posses analytical skills and love solving problems. So if you posses the traits mentioned above then this is the career you must go for.

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