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What does Martin Luther King’s Astrology Chart say about the man?

One of our country's greatest people

Martin Luther King Birthday - Monday, January 21

An extremely interesting astrology chart, Martin Luther King was a diplomat. His Sun sign being in Capricorn lends an overall diplomacy to his eloquent words. His leadership was pragmatic, non-violent, and spiritual.

Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was also awarded the Kennedy Peace Prize.

Three pertinent signs in Pisces gave him extreme sensitivity for the divine realms of the Universe. Ultimately, the sensitivity extended into the psychic realm, as it was believed that he had awareness the end was near for him.

In August of 1963, he gave his famous “I have a dream . . .” speech, after which he suffered greatly. His house was bombed; he was stoned; and physically attacked.

The part of his personality that astrology lays emphasis to would be the three planets in Pisces. Pisces has a connection to other worldly energies in the cosmos.

Yet as Pisces astrology always shows two fish, the duality played out in this man’s life when the FBI got film footage of his extra marital affairs.

The planet Neptune rules Pisces and religion. The extreme flexibility attributed to Pisces astrology gave him the strength of adaptability. Yet, the importance of survival on the earthly plane is not much of a part of the makeup of Piscean astrology.

His leadership was always peace loving, and strong at the same time.

King’s rising sign in Taurus gave him the doggedness to follow his dreams. He wanted to get away from the emotionalism of the legacy of the Fundamentalists. All the same, he followed in the footsteps of his minister grandfather, and father; which expresses another duality factor. King’s father would never accept the downtrodden stature or the plight of the black population of the Deep South.

Astrologically, Martin Luther King had three Earth signs connected in a trine aspect. One aspect, Virgo the purist, was incompatible with the heavy Piscean influence of his astrological makeup.

Perhaps this purist influence helped him to disregard the plausibility of death threats. Along with the sacrificial tendencies of Pisces, he went willingly to that place of no return. Pisces often tends to lack the animus of a strong survival instinct.

The film footage of his death showed him walking out on the balcony as if it were any other day. But it was only the day before that he had received a death threat, after a heavy scourge, along with extra copys of the film sent to King’s associates.

Pluto, the dark planet of unfathomable power, contributed a heavy influence in King’s astrological makeup, as well. On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated at the age of 39.

King’s astrology shows high intellect, pragmatism, along with devout religious belief and a dual nature with a saintliness of the human kind.


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