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What does making the Vegan connection mean?

This cow wants you to go Vegan
This cow wants you to go Vegan
Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

What do Vegans mean when they talk about making the connection? While I can't speak for all Vegans I know what I mean by that statement. First and foremost, making the connection for me means seeing that eating a meat based diet causes pain and suffering for my fellow animals. Of course, there is so much more to it than that.

Connect life with your food.

You are what you eat, as they say. For me, making the Vegan connection means that I connect myself with life every time I pick up a fork. I don't eat death. I eat peacefully and consciously. I take the time to think about the energy that surrounds my eating habits. If my food had died a horrific painful death (there is no such thing as humane death), that would make my lifestyle horrid by association. Therefore it would impact my life negatively. Being Vegan means choosing to surround myself with life and positivity. I'm not bragging. I'm not special. You can do it too!

Connect with the truth.

It would be a lot easier for me to turn my head away from the politics of the meat and dairy industry. However, now that I know the ugly truth, it would be wrong for me to deny it and wrong for me to condone it. By facing the truth that eating meat and dairy products causes suffering, and refusing to go along with that, I feel better about myself as a human being.

Connect with speciesism.

What is speciesism? It's putting one species before another. We're not separate or superior to other animals. We're all connected. Everything we do has a cause and effect. Whether we are cruel to a dog, a cat or a cow, it will come back to us. Torturing and/or killing a pig is no better than torturing your pet kitty cat. All animals have feelings, mothers, fathers and children. All animals love their families and friends.

Make the approval connection.

When we drink milk or eat cheese we are saying it's OK with us that a baby calf was taken from it's mother and slaughtered so that we could have milk. When we eat bacon, we're saying it's OK that “inferior” baby pigs are slammed against a cement floor until dead. We're saying it's OK that mother pigs spend their entire life inside a small cage, unable to change position and kept constantly pregnant.

Break connections with falsehoods and outdated traditions.

Just because something has always been done, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. It's completely unnecessary for humans to eat meat. Therefore, it's completely unnecessary for anyone to suffer and die to fill our plates. Vegans know there's a difference between a lion hunting for dinner out of true hunger and humans paying for millions of innocent animals to be inhumanely slaughtered daily for no reason at all. It's just not the same thing.

Connect with the earth.

Meat based human diets are a leading cause of environmental devastation. Toxins from meat farming create an overwhelmingly polluted planet. Yes, meat production comes before big oil, cars, factory emissions and all the other things we've been told are killing the earth. Meat based diets don't just kill innocent animals, they kill the planet, too.

Connect with nutrient dense food.

People on meat based diets ingest too much protein and not enough nutrients. A Vegan diet consists of nutrient dense foods that contain absolutely nothing harmful to the human body. Make the connection between good health and Veganism. You get out what you put in. Life in, life out. Death in, death out. It's that simple.

Don't be afraid to connect with the truth.

Sure, those graphic, yet true videos of animals being beaten, tortured and eventually slaughtered, such as Earthlings are horrific. That doesn't mean they should be kept hidden. That doesn't mean we should shield our eyes from them. More importantly, it doesn't mean we should be upset with the people who bring them to our attention. Don't shoot the messenger. Vegans are not perpetrating violence. They're merely making others aware of it. When you see news coverage of mass murders, you don't take out your anger on the reporter, do you? Don't get mad at Vegans for showing you the truth. Get mad at the people who are committing these heinous acts or the system that allows it to keep happening.

Better yet, make the connection between what you eat (demand) and what you are encouraging the industry to produce (supply). Choose life and life will choose you.

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