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What does learning the old do for you?

The question is What does learning the old do for you?

What does one have to learn about something that never worked, such as told in History pretty much putting a hold in learning something good and vital for today’s living?

The Bible has two versions the Old Testament and the New Testament. When a child learns about all things that don’t work it disallows a child to think about something that does work and works well for them. I respect the Bible in all dimensions because it helped me learn how to and not to show my son the ins and outs of things. I wanted my son to not have to learn about anger when it came to Jesus because if he did not know he would not play it, and love would surround him without knowing hate!

I always laid the respect of God on the top shelf allowing God to teach my son the love he has and wants us to know making sure he was always given the choice to have his own free will. When at times I saw maybe one might bring him some trouble I only advised him of such.

There will always be old and new but individually we live our own old and our own new and not to implicate another in our own demise.

God gave us all free will and I never took that away from my son I only loved and nurtured him in everything he chose to do and be in his life. NOT MINE!!!!!!!

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