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What does it take to tick off Greta Van Susteren? Simple. Erick Erickson

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News isn't very happy with one of her fellow contributors on the station. Erick Erickson is a jerk, or so she says. What set her off? Well, it's the Twitter again - this time it was the fact that Erickson has been referring to Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie." Of course, this isn't the first time that Van Susteren has voiced an opinion against Erickson. She cried sexism before, as shown in the video here, when Erickson made a statement against the idea of more women becoming the breadwinners in American homes.

Fox News Host
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In case you've been living under a rock for a very long time, you already know that Davis rocketed to fame because she delivered a failed filibuster speech on the Texas Senate floor against a law that would restrict abortions in the Lone Star State. To make that abundantly clear, Davis objected to the idea of women not being able to have an abortion any time during the pregnancy - something that becomes significantly more dangerous to the life of the woman after 20 weeks, according to statistics available at the Guttmacher Institute. They also point out that approximately 1.5% of all abortions are performed after 20 weeks, and that 58% of women would have preferred to have the procedure earlier on in the pregnancy. While the institute didn't do any research on what women would hope to find at a medical facility that performs abortions, it's probably safe to assume that women would prefer a clean facility, doctors that have some degree of oversight by or association with a larger medical facility like a hospital, and offices that are easily accessible for emergency medical personnel just in case something went wrong. That's what Davis was fighting against, by the way.

So, Erickson's current "sin" in Van Susteren's eyes is that he had the audacity to refer to Davis as "Abortion Barbie", claiming that it shows a high degree of disrespect for women. Well, Davis actually does bear some resemblance to the iconic plastic doll. As for disrespecting women, it could be argued that Davis is the real offender. While the abortion issue is highly divisive, given the timing of this particular law's passage, it's difficult to take sides with Davis on it, even if one is from her side of the proverbial fence. This was in the aftermath of the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia, and the law itself should be considered a measure to prevent that same situation from happening in Texas.

Sorry Greta, but no matter how much you may dislike Erickson's crude way of putting it, the bottom line is that Davis is guilty as charged. There's no redeeming factor to fighting for women's rights to abortion facilities that are not subject to the same health regulations that are set for any other surgical center in any state. It is not "pro-women" to fight for a procedure that even people that are campaigning to preserve it admit is significantly more likely to cause the severe side effect of death. They didn't get into other side effects, by the way - those statistics would be rather interesting to review! And finally, Davis has earned the moniker of "Abortion Barbie" by suggesting that women shouldn't demand that the physicians performing abortions have hospital privileges somewhere. With no real regulations or oversight, theoretically anyone could hang out a shingle claiming to be a doctor, and get in the abortion business. Pennsylvania stopped keeping an eye on the abortion clinics years ago, and ended up with Kermit Gosnell butchering women, and killing babies outside the womb. There's nothing wrong with Texas learning from the mistakes of another state.

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