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What does it take to be a stripper?

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The Examiner investigated how much strippers make by visiting several Chicago land strip clubs. All had female “dancers”. Out of that article came additional interesting information about the exotic dance industry.

Some of the requirements are obvious.
1 Be attractive to men.
2 Be accepting of sometimes creepy customers.
3 Be willing to take some or all of you clothes/costume off.
4 Either be secretive about your work or have extremely open minded friends.
5 Be able to dance, or at least wiggle, around in 6 to 8 inch heeled shoes.

“It takes a lot of patience,” said a dancer who called herself Kitty.

She pointed out that almost all the strippers she knew were working their way through some form of secondary education.

“I know one girl who is getting her CNA,” Kitty said.

She said another girl claimed to be getting a law degree, but she didn’t believe her.

Still other girls were candid about wanting to get in, make their money, and get out.

“You get older, and you want more for yourself,” said a dancer who calls herself Jade.

There are stories about girls who started as strippers and then made it big as actresses, models, and wives of rich men, but these girls didn’t seem to have any illusions that that is how it goes.

“The one thing that is nice is you can pick your schedule to some degree,” said Kitty. “One of the dancers goes home early, because her babysitter can’t stay overnight.”

A dancer called Jenna said she was working her way through a master’s degree program in Sociology.

“One thing I wasn’t expecting that I really needed here is a sales pitch,” Jenna said.

For every shift, Jenna says she tries to think of new reasons why men should go with her for a dance.

“This, like any other sales job, takes a bit of selling,” Jenna said. “They don’t always respond to ‘Come with me now’, but it works pretty often for me.”

So it seems, being a good sales person is the best trait of a well-paid stripper.

If you are interested in finding out more about the exotic dance industry subscribe to this author. A series of articles have come out of these five interviews.