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What does it mean to be a Black Belt or to become a Martial Artist

As you travel your journey into the martial arts, you go through many exercises of kicks and punches and other related material to the art form of your chosen martial art. The martial arts is a long process that is not learned over night. It takes many years to perfect the art and master the skills to finally test to become a black belt, and to call one self, a martial artist.

Black Belt Test in Sparring

But what happens after becoming a black belt? It continues that long journey to perfection and perfecting your mistakes what you did not notice before you passed your test. Does everyone make it looking sharp or at least their top best to earn that rank? Most do but not all become perfected in their skills. We learn and grow from the mistakes of our past so we can learn to master those skills and techniques to become a black belt. To perfect our skills we learn from the mistakes and from our weaknesses. The black belt test teaches us what we could have worked on before and what could have been improved on. The test is a journey itself not just to receive the rank of a black belt. But a test to show us how far will we and can we reach our maximum potential to reach our limits and go beyond our potential.

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Test

Being a Martial Artist is not an easy experience. But once achieved of the black belt status, it's an experience that has to be felt individually for each person, and must not be compared to anyone else. In other sports might talk about who is the better player and how made the best swings or the best dunks in basket ball to win the points. But the martial arts, you discover more about yourself, and your abilities what you can become and what you have gained.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Test

Much can be talked about what it means to be a black belt, or what does it mean to become a martial artist, but one thing in fact is, the journey does not end after becoming a black belt. It was the test you could prove to become a martial artist that took years and months and days and hours to the minute to perfect your skills. To become a martial artist continues throughout the years to perfect that art or form of a martial art. It's a journey that takes time and years to continually perfect our skills.

Mastership Black Belt Test ITF Tae Kwon Do

The black belt is only the beginning of the training process. That's where the real training begins. To now perfect and master the moves to become a martial artist in that art form. Even learn from other forms of martial arts to expand ones skills and become open minded to other different point of views. It takes great patience and dedication to become a Black Belt to be called a Martial Artist. To never give up and continue to learn and hone your skills. In the end it's about one self to perfect and master of one self.

Kenpo Karate 7th Degree Black Belt Test

Grand Master Promotion 10 Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate

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