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What Does it Feel Like to Die Trapped in a Car in Summer?

Justin Ross Harris
Justin Ross Harris
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The Harris family, Joel and Leanne, of Georgia are at best monsters. Their late son Cooper was an adorable baby. But all 22-month-old toddlers are.

If parents wanted to kill their child, for whatever reason: insurance, dating under-aged girls, isn’t there a more humane way to do that?

Imagine the pain and terror that this child felt, strapped into a car seat, literally baking to death.

Confession: this column does not understand how parents can forget their offspring in this Rube Goldberg contraption in the backseat.

It is quite the operation to get kids strapped in. How can an adult forget the procedure after a short ride? Also, how does the person leave the car without ever glancing around the vehicle?

Some folks, focused on other matters, have forgotten a child in a car and been devastated by the consequences.

Said people had to literally pivot 45 degrees on the seat and exit the automobile looking forward. They cannot retrieve anything needed for the day including purses or briefcases, perhaps lunch containers, without seeing their child. And that includes periphery vision. What is that out of the corner of my eye? Oh, the baby. Let me grab him while I’m getting the files for the office.

But the Harris’ of Georgia defy explanation. What parent researches the effects of dying in a locked car during summer? What father backs up into a parking spot sees his son and then leaves him in the car? What man sexts women as his boy is being roasted alive?

What mother defends such a man? How can a mother assume if her child is not at daycare, he was left in the car? Why would that be the first guess upon learning her son is missing? Perhaps he and his father played hokey and spent the day together. No wait, the father gets erections at work and is interacting with several women. No time for parks and playgrounds.

If you are as stupid as this couple, do not plan any crimes, especially infanticide.

If you are going to dispose of your beautiful baby for a pittance in insurance money or a swinging lifestyle, kill him quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Or better yet, have relatives raise him.

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