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What does it cost to become fit?


What does it cost to become fit?

The better question and far more revealing of our readiness to address the vital issues of fitness... How much does it cost to be UN-fit? Go ahead, make a list right now of what you know to be the health risks of being over weight and out of shape. Let's list just a few here:

  • high blood pressure
  • lack of energy
  • lower back pain
  • weakness
  • loss of bone density
  • greater cardiovascular risks

Quality of life is dramatically and negatively impacted when you live in this state of being. The cost of living in this condition is off the charts expensive. Way too expensive.

Try this during your annual medical check up, tell your Doctor, "Hey, Doc, I am thinking of quiting all types of exercise and sitting more." See what your medical advisory team has to say about that. Perhaps you already know what they will say.

How much does it cost to become fit? With a renewed awareness of the cost of ill health we can now focus on finding a fitness program that works for us. The cost, though important, now shifts in relevance to our commitment to becoming healthy and fit as contrasted with being out of shape.

You can stay at home and do body weight exercises and get a great workout. The only cost is that of your time and commitment to working out with increasing intensity. It can be done. Many have done it and you can too. So what is the financial cost here?  It's free. For those who are able to press on year after year on their own and get the results they want, this is a great option.

Turns out however, there is more to that gym membership than meets the eye. You can make fabulous strength and health advances with the resistance equipment and training available at your local gym.  Classes at the gym provide instruction, inspiration and accountability. Group motivation is a powerful tool to be activated on your behalf. Personal trainers at your gym have the expertise to lead you to higher levels of fitness than you could most likely attain on your own.

Remember now, spending money does not get you in shape. You get yourself in shape. Your body fat does not know if you are at a fitness shrine or in a barn. Your muscles demand  extra weight in order to grow not a monogrammed towel and gold plated dumbbells. Spending more money will not guarantee greater results.

My bottom line advice  to you is, be willing to invest what ever it takes to get you moving, trained and motivated to continue progressing toward greater health and fitness. Optimal health.

Here is one question I often ask my clients at the gym "Once in great shape, how long do you want to stay that way?" "Forever" is the answer that always comes back. That being true,  finding a program that will help you gain and maintain your desired level of fitness looks like a great long range investment.

Let's ask the question again, "What does it cost to become fit?"

An answer that has gone on to help those that I train: "What ever it takes."

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As alway, "Don't do more than you should. Don't do less than you can."



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