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What does healthy mean to you?

Weights, nut mix and light beer
Weights, nut mix and light beer
Katrina Curry

Being healthy can mean numerous things for everyone out there. Maybe you're someone who goes to the gym seven days a week weight lifting for an hour and does cardiovascular exercise for an hour after, maybe even more! Maybe you only go once a week after work and you get in 30 minutes of a total body workout. Some of you may even find that eating a healthy meal at home once a week classifies as being healthy.

The thing is, is healthy has many definitions in today’s society. However, most of you are just trying to accomplish weight loss or life longevity. The question is though, how do you accomplish either? You’ve all seen the magical weight loss pills on commercials that change every five minutes while watching television, right? Notice the small print at the bottom of the television screen that says, “Results not typical. Weight loss only occurs with proper diet and exercise.” There are some key words to look out for in that quote above. It says, “With proper diet and exercise”. No matter what pills you’re currently taking, it won’t be magical weight loss for you. In order to achieve your goals—whatever they may be—you just have to have the right combination of the two truly magical weight loss secrets out there, diet and exercise.

That’s what you’ll see in the upcoming articles. How to accomplish your health goals by setting goals as well as knowing what you can do to get there with proper exercise and nutrition. Besides, even if you’re a gym nut who goes seven days a week for three hours a day, if you don’t eat the right foods, you’ll never see the results you’re looking for.

So watch for my next upcoming articles. New exercises will be featured daily with pictures to help those of you who haven’t had that personal trainer to help them on their way as well as tips for what NOT to eat while getting to your goal. Also, local fitness facilities as well as Bend fitness equipment suppliers will be featured weekly for those that can’t afford a gym membership can exercise at home. It’s summer in Bend, Oregon; so work out outside!

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