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What does Garland really look like?

City of Garland logo
City of Garland logo

In order to better understand the ethnic makeup of our churches, we need to understand the ethnic makeup of our city. The 2000 census offers a picture that is almost 10 years old but there have been neighborhood surveys done  more recently. Together they give us a fairly clear picture.

  • Garland is recorded as 7% Asian, 12% African American, 26% Hispanic, and 65% White.
  • 10% of families in Garland live below the poverty line.
  • The average family income is more than $56,000.
  • The average cost of a home is $117,000.

While it's not fair to expect every school, club, or church to reflect these statstics exactly, it is interesting to consider them when I look at my surroundings. Does my children's school reflect this diversity? Does my neighborhood? And what about my church?

What about your church? Does it reflect our city?  


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