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What does family mean to you?

Together They Stand
Together They Stand

Everyone has their own meaning of what family means to them. Family consists of a group of individuals which are the descendants of an ancestor that is common to all. Family is something that should be cherished and every moment we get to spend time with family should be spent.

Whether for a couple of hours at the park swinging or handing out on the teeter totter or a chilly day; cuddling up by the fireplace watching a captivating, yet adventurous movie, we all should take time out to spend time with the ones we love. Spending time together, supporting, and motivating each other is what family’s do.

Let’s say it’s your mom’s birthday and she has no plans for her special day. Dad, sisters, and brother decide that they will take a trip to a near lake where there is boat riding, fishing, a cabin where they can camp out by the campfire, jet skiing, volleyball, etc. Better yet, there is a spa with rave reviews that they sent mom to have a total makeover. What an awesome birthday surprise that mom is up for. The family is truly considering the time taken with mom will be well spent.

Family is about supporting one another. A child would like to get involved in band, athletics, or a hobby such as cheerleading, football, ballet, or golf; enroll them and see what it is that they are capable of doing to their full potential. If a parent would like to join a committee or run for office for their local charity; assist with creating and passing out flyers, putting up signs, or placing an ad or two to boost their votes.

No matter what or who it is, family should stick together and motivate each other so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about the love each has for one another. One can motivate another by cheering them on during a huge or important event that is taking place. Showing up is a huge motivation to someone that is dedicated to one certain thing. Getting involved in something someone has a passion for such as marketing on social networks, telling that person that they can do it, or pushing them to practice their gift is most definitely a motivation. No one knows family until you live through it.