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What does discomfort mean to you?

Knowing someone is the best way to picture discomfort
Knowing someone is the best way to picture discomfort
All of us see discomfort differently

We are experiencing bone chilling temperatures in the Pacific Rim. Our care partners are maybe unsure of the change in weather; they just know they are cold – which translates to uncomfortable. It is important for us to recognize this situation for what it is, not comfortable, which can illicit some disturbing behaviors. Our care partner may pace for much longer than we are comfortable with or may try to go outside. The key to this is to know the behavior and how to redirect the thinking process.

We sometimes feel overwhelmed with all there is to do, and rightly so. The position of caregiver (especially family caregiver) is the most overworked and underappreciated job there is. After all, we are doing this because we want to right? Well yes, however, this maybe what is expected of us, which does not allow for self-care.
Please, if there is a caregiver providing support for a close friend or member of the family; take the time to make sure we know that our contribution is appreciated. Give us an extra couple of hours this week to do what we want on our own; while another steps in to help out with our care partner. During this time with the person, it would be especially nice to help them with a Valentine Care for the caregiver.