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What does Bisexual look like? Try #WhatBiLooksLike on Twitter

OK, close your eyes and imagine a "Bisexual!"

These are the faces of bisexuality according to a new Twitter campaign.
This is what Bisexual looks like
New York Times

What does he or she look like? Blue hair? Nose piercing? Gender-mixing appearance?

Well, if you want to bust the stereotype you and others may have, then try out the new hot hash-tag: #WhatBiLooksLike on Twitter.

Yes, you'll see blue hair, nose piercings and gender-mixing appearances, but you'll also see a lot of boring people, too. Like me and my partner of 18 years.

There are older people, young people, secretaries, doctors, construction workers and teachers all pictured in the popular hash-tag campaign that was promoted by the Huffington Post.

Perhaps trans people, gay men or lesbian women get most of the play in media and society, and the B of the LGBT gay rights movement tends to be lost in the shuffle.

It's too hard to explain a bisexual character in a movie, or a TV show. It's equally hard to find a novel or book with a bi character in it (but thank you Lambda Literary Awards for having a few Bisexual categories).

There's a lot of Bisexual Erasure, meaning the bi community is lost among the heterosexual community or perceived as being simply G or L (or T).

Now, the hash-tag #WhatBiLooksLike, is hoping to challenge the pre-perceptions or the stereotypes anyone has about being bi. There are thousands of photos now.

See more collected at the Huffington Post:

If you are a Twitter novice, then here are simple instructions:

Go to the SEARCH box under

and type in #WhatBiLooksLike with the # sign

(that is called a hash-tag)

Then scroll down to see the photos.

And add yours, if appropriate!

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