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What does a sun conure parrot really sound like? Do they talk?

sun conure parrots make many different sounds to communicate their needs and desires
sun conure parrots make many different sounds to communicate their needs and desires
Shelley Garza

tumblr analyticsSun conures are small, colorful parrots that are very commonly sold in pet stores and one of the first questions people ask about them is do they talk? Well the answer is sometimes. Most of the time a sun conure will make noises that sound like grunts, calls, or even screams and squawks.

One of the most common problems people have with sun conures is screaming. This can be akin to a toddler having a temper tantrum. Many parrots after all are equivalent to 2-year-olds in intelligence. When a sun conure screams they may want something or are upset about something or maybe are afraid or even anxious. Screaming is different from the calling sound that a sun conure makes. Screaming should be less common in a sun conure and can be managed with positive reinforcement after medical and dietary issues have been ruled out. Find out more at

A sun conure might also make a grunt sound when they want something or see something that is interesting. This sound is something like to ‘hmm” sound in a human but sounds like a coarse ‘hmm” or sort of a croak sound.

Calling sounds are often the same sound repeated over and over again. The bird is calling for its significant other. This kind of call is common and to be expected. The calling sound in a sun conure is not as loud as a scream but is loud enough to be heard from a large distance.

The alarm call is more of a sharp screech. The sun conure may see a cat or an unfamiliar person or car and make this noise. Hopefully this sound is not that common and should be recognized by the owner and responded to unlike screaming behaviors.

Sun conures are not known for their talking ability and no parrot should be purchased or adopted merely on the basis of its talking ability. Nevertheless sun conures will talk-often saying just one word such as ‘hi’ or “more”. Lack of talking in a sun conure should not be taken as a lack of intelligence however. Sun conures are very affection, playful, and very observant.

It is important for a parrot owner to recognize the individual sounds and species specific sounds that a parrot makes. Conure sounds communicate the parrots needs, wants, and help identify problems. Understanding parrot sounds is key to developing a strong relationship with the bird and managing its life as part of a family household.


sun conure makes the calling sound


  • lynda 4 years ago

    I am the happy owner of 3 Nanday Conures and was warned about their joy of making a noise before we got Nanday 6 years ago...they are noisey!!!!!! but I love them with all my heart...Nanday will hum just loves to disco dance and Scully is a cuddlebug...but anyone thinking of one as a pet has to think about whether the noise they make will bother others...thanksfully our only neighbours enjoy their yelling too

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