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What does a low carb Thanksgiving menu look like?

People often wonder what you eat on Thanksgiving when you are keeping your carbs low. It is often just assumed you are spending the day gnawing on a drumstick wrapped in bacon. As tasty as the idea of turkey wrapped in bacon sounds, it is possible to have a delicious, varied Thanksgiving meal without loaded up on sugar and starch. Here is what we will be having for our Thanksgiving meal. 

The closest thing to a high carb item on that list is the sweet potato. With its high vitamin content, this is a perfectly nutritious special occasion item. Without the typical marshmallow, brown sugar, fruit juice and other unnecessary sweeteners, sweet potatoes are a delicious Thanksgiving side.

Before the big dinner, there is typically snacks and nibbling items out for family and guest. No need to jump off the low carb wagon for these either. Our nibblers include;

For dessert, a low carb pumpkin cheese cake tops off a great low carb day. No cheats, no problem!