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What do you think about a man that uses coupons on a date?

Are you a woman who is single and dating?

If you are asked out on a date how important is it for the man to pay for the date?

If you think about it just about everyone has been effected by the problems with the economy. A lot of companies have down sized or have laid people off.

During these tough economic times there are some men who even though they don't have a lot of disposable income, they still would like to date. For some individuals using coupons has really been a big help. How would you feel if a guy asked you out and he used a coupon when he paid for the date? Women are going to look at this one of two ways.

For some women the idea of a man asking her out is a good thing. In her mind if he asks then he must be prepared to pay. Once a man uses a coupon there will be no second date. As a matter of fact if he looses her number she would be happy. This type of woman feels if has to use a coupon to pay for the date then he must not have money to pay for anything else like getting her hair or nails done.

On the other hand there are some women who could appreciate a man who is money conscious. They feel as though if he has sense enough to save money but still be able to show her a good time even if it involves using coupons, then he is smart enough to go out with again. He is also a thinker which is also a definite plus.

Another thing to also remember there could be downside to a man holds on to his money, he could be a cheapskate. If he's a cheapskate it will definitely come out just give it some time.

Can you appreciate a guy that uses coupons? Or, do you think it is a sign of just being cheap?

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