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What do you know about puppy mills?

This is what most puppy mill dogs are missing-human touch and love.
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Jenny Whitt at National Mill Dog Rescue at 5335 JD Johnson RD in Colorado Springs, new and unknown facts came to light concerning the puppy mill trade. This rescue was started about 7 years ago at the founder Theresa Straders house in Black forest. When she learned of the plight of several Greyhounds who were being auctioned off, she decided to check it out. This was the beginning of her rescue operation for puppy mill puppies and the moms who were retired from breeding and slated for destruction.

For many of you Lily’s story is familiar, but for those who do not know it, Lily, a Greyhound, spent the first 7 years of her life in a small wire cage in deplorable conditions being bred time after time till her body gave up and could no longer produce puppies. Strader brought Lily home from the auction along with 12 others whom she started to rehabilitate. These animals were all broken of spirit and body. Lily was the worst of all. You can read more of Lily’s story here.

The fact that these dogs are bred as soon as possible after giving birth results in destroyed bodies and fearful animals. Many have never really experienced love or human touch. Aside from what this can do to a dog’s body the idea of a puppy mill is just horrendous.

These animals can live out their entire life in frigid or sweltering conditions in a tiny cage. The cramped conditions and lack of exercise can result in many health issues not to mention dogs without socialization.

They can be fed poor quality food and rarely clean water. Because they are often fed water through a rabbit watering system means their water is rarely clean and always full of bacteria. Most puppy mill dogs also get no dental care, or proper chew toys. These conditions along with the bacteria from this way of drinking results in loss of many teeth and usually the loss of the bottom jaw. Sometimes, as in Lily’s case these bacteria can even eat into the cheek of the dog.

Some of these places have nothing soft for the dogs to lie on just the hard wire which eventually can ruin their feet. The reason for this is that there would be soiled items to either clean or replace and it is easier for the excrement to just fall through the wire cage. Strader started this rescue to be a place where the flawed animals and the no longer able to breed mothers could be saved instead of inhumanely killed.

Her organization ha, over time, built up some trust in the puppy mill community. This rescue now travels to four different states to receive dogs that would otherwise be killed. They visit Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. No political agenda exists for this questions are asked of the puppy mill owners. They often have to meet these people on the side of a highway where the transfer takes place, there only agenda is to save animals. They give them medical care and rehabilitation and get them ready to adopt.

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