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What Do You Have To Fear

What is Adversity? A state, condition or instance of serious continued difficulty or adverse fortune. A condition which is marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress. “A friend shows his or her true colors in times of adversity.” Good and bad life experiences can and possibly will happen at any moment in your life. We can either dwell on them and to decide to withdraw from life; or we can choose to accept that situations may arise which may be out of our control. We have to make a conscious choice and be determined to overcome this hardship by taking the adequate steps to help yourself advance through hard times in hopes of not relying on your own strength but learning to lean on God for our joy and comfort in times of immense distress. You can be sure of times that may cause you pain are almost certain to happen in your life. Whether you may want it to or not. Your condition in life does not define you. You define and decide who you are. Someone else's opinion of you doesn't hold the entire value of your sense of self worth in the good or bad qualities that they just happen to tell you. You are already good enough just the way that you are and you deserve the best that God has in store for you in your life.

If you can't, Who can? If You Won't, Who Will? Who can live your life if not you? Who can make choices for how you are supposed to you if you won't? You can't spend day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year hoping to fit into a particular group or club. If we all do that, we would lose our sense of individuality. We are all very different in this world and that's what makes us unique. We all have our own strengths. We all have our own weaknesses. Whether or not we choose to display either one or both, its up to us. It depends on what you want to experience in your life. Do you want to experience all of the good with none of the bad? All of the bad and none of the good? Or some of the good along with some of the bad?

What is instilled in your mind stays engraved in your heart. You can't be timid with life. Never be afraid to ask questions, find out answers, create experiences, and build relationships. Don't give fear and doubt a place in your life. They are too powerful and if you're not careful, they will overwhelm you and eat you alive. People who are discouraging you probably have been discouraged somewhere along the line so they want you to join their pity party. We all know that misery loves company. Do the exact opposite of what you did yesterday? We are our own worst critic. Fear does not exist, Failure does not exist. You either choose to do something or you choose not to do it. Fear is not a life or death situation. It's a joy or stress destination.

You don't have to lock yourself in a dark room, curled up in a ball, tucked away in a corner, waiting to just wither away and die. Your true purpose is already locked away inside of you. Now is the time to open your heart and set it free, with the hope of your spirit taking wings, while soaring and searching every heart in your immediate circle of influence.With the possibility of reaching out to the world and bring us all ever closer together as we begin to understand how to live, learn, and love the person that God makes us to be in His eyes. For all of us to be able to overcome this state of mind, we must take the adequate steps. Don't just be good, Be Great. Be Great in loving and trusting God will all that you are and all that He is making you to be in how the Lord is viewing you in His eyes. Be Great at putting the needs of others before your own. And most importantly, Be Great at accepting who you, what you are, and by loving the real you that God has made for the whole world to see.

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