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What Do You Do With The Yolks? is NOT a cookbook

Local Denver author, Carol Devlin, has penned a collection of personal memories that portrays what life was like in rural Kansas in the 1940s. One of five daughters, Devlin tells tales filled with hope and humor, but also of surviving nature's threats such as a devastating tornado, ferocious blizzards, the pestilence of grasshoppers, and the fury of dust storms. From starting kindergarten to getting her first job at an ice cream shop, Devlin shares her fondest memories. With accompanying photos, What Do You Do With The Yolks? is a heartwarming look at the joys and sorrows and the hard work and the rewards of growing up in rural America.

Devlin says, “I've been a story teller from the time I was a small child. I started by making up stories to tell my sisters after we'd gone to bed at night. I didn't realize it but my parents often listened by the door downstairs. My sisters began to request their favorites.”

Devlin has self-published three books.

It is Not Loneliness . . . The worlds shortest love story - 67 words - but it packs a wallop, written in 1976.

The Little Coin Purse. “I've sold close to 3,000 books out of my garage,” Devlin explains. “I'm a crafter and you can't make any money selling crafts. So, in 2003, I designed my own beading patterns, designed my own beading loom, and sell them on my web site - . I had the book professionally designed and had it printed in Hong Kong. I received my shipment of books in September 2003 and had made all of my money back by that December. The book and loom are still selling. There's always a new generation of beaders.”

What Do You Do With The Yolks? was self-published in 2009.

Devlin says, “My advice to new authors is to write to please yourself. Self-publish if you have to. An unexpected perk from my Yolks book, which I started writing to give my sisters and their children, came one day several months after getting it published, after the turmoil that goes with publishing had subsided and I liked my book again. One of the stories kept coming to mind, so I sat down, picked up my book to read that story to see how I had "said it" and it suddenly dawned on my that I was holding in my hand, my young life and family - forever. That these stories would never be forgotten by my family. My book may never receive an award or be a best seller but the accomplishment is one of the happiest in my life.”

Devlin is currently working on a new beading book.

What Do You Do With The Yolks? can be found at:

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  • Jane 4 years ago

    If you would like to hear a really funny story Carol told us ask her about her Aunt and Thanksgiving one year.


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