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What do women really want for Valentine's Day? Juicing gadgets for weight loss

Teddy bears are good gifts - size zero lingerie? Not so smart.
Teddy bears are good gifts - size zero lingerie? Not so smart.
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Roses and candy for Valentine's Day are on the "out" list when it comes to what women really want. Instead, if you're seeking something special for that significant other, a new survey shows that the best gift is a stylish juicer, according to the latest dating data reported by the New York Post on Feb. 9.

When dating Web site Carrot Dating polled single women on their gift of desire for Valentine's Day, romance took a backseat to weight loss and dieting. The winning result: A juicer, followed by a Keurig coffee maker. In third place: A computer tablet.

Why the desire to juice up their lives with a gadget rather than sexy lingerie? Weight loss and health, said the women.

"I was given a top notch Vitamix [last] Valentine’s Day," recalls novelist Tracy Quan. And her love remains true - as does the juicer.

"I am still deeply grateful to the gentleman who dragged me across the road to Bed Bath & Beyond to get it. Flowers are always lovely, but the cucumber smoothie I had this morning was really excellent," she explained.

Moreover, the juicer will keep chugging away all year, enhancing your true love's health while whittling her waistline. As for those flowers and chocolates?

“Flowers die, and the last thing I need is chocolate,” confirms Amanda Chatel.

And even though sexy lingerie lingers, it's a gift that can ruin Valentine's Day, warns Brendan Sullivan, a 31-year-old DJ.

"The garter belts and knickers fit perfectly, but she couldn't fit into the stockings and burst into tears — because therefore she must be fat," he recalls of his gift that turned a day meant for kisses and cuddling into a day of diet despair and depression.

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