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What Do Presidents Eat??

I thought that being today President’s Day it would be interesting to know what our presidents have been known to eat throughout history. Find out who loves pizza, who hates broccoli, and who chopped down the cherry tree.

I found the article “What do Presidents Eat” from the blog The Slow Cook, based out of DC itself. I learned from the article that:

George Bush Sr.: Hated broccoli.

George Washington: Loved fish and nuts.

Abraham Lincoln: Didn’t pay much attention to what he ate, but favored coffee, egg, and toast.

Harry Truman: Liked a big steak, fried chicken, and custard pie.

Barrack Obama: Likes pizza and chilli.

Click here to read the full article and visit the blog. You can also find more related books and online resources about this topic from the Library of Congress webpage under “Presidential Food: Selected Resource Guide.”

Also checkout the article Food Timeline FAQ’s: American Presidents’ Favorite Foods to read about the Kennedys and event Pat Nixon’s recipe for meatloaf.

Have a wonderful President's Day!

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