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What do people want to put right for this year?

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

New Year’s resolutions are usually treated as concrete for the first few weeks of January, but in many cases, either through a lack of willpower or just because they seemed too unrealistic to follow after a difficult period. Even though they seem to be so easy to break, every year, many of us choose to set ourselves new goals, but what have we gone for?

A survey revealing what resolutions we planned on making was conducted recently among people all over the UK. It showed that many of us had two things in mind when trying to make positive changes to our lives: health and finance. Both may be in response to the excesses of the Christmas and New Year period, which will have taken a toll on our wallets and waistlines!

Health first

The most popular choice of resolution was to try and do more exercise, with a whopping 91% of people saying this was their top priority. This can be pretty difficult to do for many of us, with work often getting in the way! Second choice was eating better, something 89% said they wanted to do throughout 2014. This can be easier, but it depends on cost.

Speaking of cost, 79% of people said they were hoping to spend less money over the next 12 months. This might be hard to achieve for those who are struggling to make ends meet, but giving up something like drinking or smoking, both of which figuring strongly in the survey, may help to boost the coffers while also providing a much-needed health kick.

The power of positivity

James Dunworth a Marketing and IT Director at E Cigarette Direct commented : “New Year is traditionally the time when we take a long hard look at our bad habits from the past 12 months and vow to do things better.

“While many of us decide to get more exercise and cut down on our bad habits, many others take positive steps to improve their lives by learning new skills or even changing their job or partner."

“There are many people who are planning to make such changes right now. It seems they are simply waiting to get Christmas out of the way before they turn their lives around,” he concluded.

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