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What do Men want in a Woman?

Women live in a man’s world. If you want to be really honest with yourself, you will acknowledge that men have more options than women have at any given time. There’s more women in the world than men. So how do you become the woman that men really want?

Are you attractive to the man you're crazy about?
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You have successfully made a man interested in you, but how do you get him to pursue you in a way that he can see a meaningful, lifetime relationship with you. It’s not easy, but you can do it. More importantly you can do it without cheapening yourself.

You can keep the man of your dreams wanting more and more of you by keeping yourself attractive. This goes beyond physical attraction. Any man that’s mature and a go-getter wants an attractive woman by his side.

To keep it simple, a great man wants a woman he is intensely attracted to at all times and that’s not related to your physical attributes. As you may have figured out, being a beautiful woman alone will not make a man want a long-term serious relationship with you. He needs to be intensely emotionally attracted to you.

If you excuse a man for not being mature and loving because he is afraid of commitment and monogamy, you’re selling yourself short.

Many women push the subject matter too much or act like they don’t care about having a man that’s truly loving to them. Women that do that lose out because a man that loves you has no problem earning you.

The more relaxed and fun you are with a man, the more likely he will go the long haul with you. When you initially start dating a man, keep things light. Find out what he likes and what drives him in life. Don’t ask “ Are you seeing anyone?” Keep it unpredictable. Make him understand that he shouldn’t want to lose you. Be playful with him. Remember men are all about action. When they want something or someone, they go for it.

You have to make him enjoy the full experience of being with you. Tease him. Be competitive at sports.

Once you get into a comfortable groove with a man, you need to stay independent. Yes, you heard it right. Stay independent. One of the many reasons my significant other is attracted to me is me being an independent woman. In fact he often compliments about me being independent to other men and it definitely gives me a pleasant stroke to my ego and inspires me to respect him at all times. In fact, I chose him because he is unlike any other man I have come across. He is not immature. He is a quality man.

He understands that I know how to create my own happiness. My life has a purpose. I dream big whether I am dating a man or not. It’s just who I am.

Immature guys are intimidated by this independence and bliss, but real men are not phased. They want you to dream big and achieve.

This last thought is very important. To get a man hooked, you have to be emotionally mature. It took me some growing up to get to this point,but it works. Over the years I did date immature men. Guys that got a thrill cheating on me or making me jealous. Waste of time. But this one is different. We work through our ups and downs. You want that in a long term mate. Luckily, you have full control of your emotional maturity. You can control and share your feelings anytime you don’t meet eye to eye with a man.

When you share your emotions, never judge him or blame him for how you feel. Just be honest and authentic with your delivery. This is how you become a couple. This is how you stay a couple. This is how you build a life together as a couple.

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