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What do job seekers most want when looking for a new position

Job seekers line up at a career fair in Detroit in 2008..
Job seekers line up at a career fair in Detroit in 2008..
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The most influential factors for job seekers in their search for a new position have been revealed in a survey from of Sausalito, Calif. The most important thing is not a surprise – salary! With the high price of fuel the location of the job was also important.

One of the more surprising aspects of the survey is that career growth opportunities came in third place. Baby boomers had ranked job security as one of the important factors when they were starting their careers but today’s upwardly mobile Generation X wants a transportable careers they are not locked into the success of their employer.

Here are the top five responses, according to the survey of 2,249 American workers:

Salary – 73%

Location/commute – 55%

Career/growth opportunities – 30%

Amount of work – 22%

Company reputation – 17%

Absent from the survey was the ability to telecommute which has been believed by many to have increasing importance in the eyes of young career minded jobseekers. When ranking location and commute high it is possible the ability to telecommute as part of the location factor.

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