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What do Guys wish their Partners would do more?

Are you someone that frequently Googles relationship advice? If yes, you will find this guide helpful for keeping your man appreciating you.

Affection. Why is affection importance in relationships?
Photo by Michael Kovac

Men are simple creatures. Seriously, they are simple to the point it shouldn’t be hard to please them as long as you don’t over think it.

If he treats you bad on the regular, kick him to the curb. If he respects and makes time for you, keep reading. It’s the little thing that makes a man love you and think highly of you.

Here are some ways you can make him feel crazy about you:

  • Cuddle with him. It’s best when he is laying down because men love to sleep. Lay on his chest and rub his chest. Seriously, it’s one of the best feelings in the world for a man. If you really want him to smile, rub his arms,head and chest. By rubbing and cuddling him you demonstrate to him that you feel safe and comfortable with him. Don't forget a little back massage.
  • Send him cute notes throughout his week. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Don’t send a million at a time,but show him you’re thinking of him throughout your day. A real man loves feeling affection from his woman.
  • Tell him you really appreciate him and what he does. It’s the most wonderful thing you can do. Pay attention to the details. If he did something to make you smile, let him know what he did and why you absolutely loved it. When my man puts effort into our relationship, I always tell him why he makes me happy and why I absolutely appreciate everything he does for us. If you’re not doing that, you need to do it. The wonderful thing about telling your man how much you appreciate him is him being inspired to do more to make you feel happy and loved.

Be proud of him. Listen to him. Support his dreams. He is your man and if you love him, make sure he always knows by showing him affection ( he should be doing the same towards you). There’s nothing wrong with loving someone that loves you just as much. It’s wonderful with the right person, at the right time.

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