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What Do British Men Think Of American Women?


What Do British Men Think Of American Women

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Rochelle Peachey, founder of found some extremely interesting statistics on the opinion British men have on American women.

Peachey surveyed more than 1,000 British men who subscribe to her transatlantic dating website and found 70 percent of British men find American women “more interesting” than British women. However, American girls also come at a price, according to Peachey—more than 78 percent of blokes say American women are materialistic.

Peachey’s survey also found that British men believe more than 60 percent of American women play “mind games” when dating, more than 50 percent feel Americans are more interested in marriage than just dating, and more than 40 percent say American women are easier to get into bed. “Often, all British men have to do is open their mouths to make American women swoon,” said Peachey.

Peachey dated more than 2000 men while researching her books, Eat Your Lonely Heart Out and My 1,000 Americans.

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