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What Difference Does Norton Antivirus Make?

Manufactured by Symantec Corporation, Norton Antivirus is a popular antivirus program that has been designed to provide protection to PCs from unwanted attacks. The software works by scanning the files on the computer in order to identify the presence of a virus and remove it if it exists. The best part about this particular software is that it can provide constant and uninterrupted protection from viruses that are updated on a daily basis. The program works in the background for scanning any email attachments that people open on their computer. It is possible for people to set the program in a way that it provides automatic protection against viruses that people may come across while surfing the internet.

The software can be programmed for performing a full scan of the computer on a daily or weekly basis or even on a particular date. After scanning, the software will remove the viruses that may have been detected. There is a live update feature of the program that can be used for updating the PC about the latest viruses. The Norton Antivirus program will scan your computer either manually or automatically, according to the setting you have chosen. If automatic settings are selected, the program will scan certain documents and files. It can also be programmed to scan at a particular time or date.

When manual scan settings are chosen, people can scan any media or files they are accessing. Any downloads accessed online can also be scanned. Individuals who indulge in web surfing frequently should program the Antivirus software to scan in the background in order to prevent viruses from attacking the PCs. There are numerous benefits that people reap through Norton Antivirus software and the most obvious and prominent one is its virus detection ability. The detection rates of this software are quite impressive and constant improvements are being made to it for providing greater customer satisfaction.

Because it is a well-established and large program that has strong industry ties, it enjoys constant virus updates and strong support, which enables users of Norton Antivirus to remain protected from the latest threats. Another one of the best features of this particular program is its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. The layout of the program is quite nice and using it is a simple and easy process, even for novices. This can turn out to be an important feature because people may be intimidated when using such programs.

There is a free trial of the Norton Antivirus program that can be used by people for 30 days without having to pay any money. However, after a month, users will have to pay a subscription free for continuous use of the services of the program. While the cost isn’t very high, a number of people prefer to use other free programs offering the same features. The only problem is that because manufacturers aren’t being paid, they don’t feel motivated to update their programs. Instead, people can use one of Norton coupon codes for getting the Norton Antivirus program at a cheap rate.

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