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'What difference at this point does it make?'

The transparency promise is being tested with Benghazi.
The transparency promise is being tested with Benghazi.

"What difference at this point does it make?"

These words will come back to haunt presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi.

June 17th Tuesday could well go down as the beginning of the end for the Obama Administration concerning credibility of the American public. When favored Obama news network CCN begins running hard hitting stories on the Benghazi subject, you know Obama’s regime is in big trouble.

NBC Today on Tuesday morning June 17th ran a devastating piece as Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd reported in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that the nosedive of popularity has reached below the Bush Administration’s post-Katrina numbers. A whopping 54% of Americans polled have no confidence in Obama’s ability to lead.

The Benghazi issues are just not going away. Add to the fact that the IRS and White House are sounding downright pitiful in their explanation for the missing emails brings about memories of the erased tapes in the Watergate scandal from the Nixon era.

Todd offered stinging comments that all but puts the White House in a state of irrelevancy as far as the American public is concerned.

Also on June 17th CNN’s Erin Burnett attempted to come to the rescue of Hillary Clinton’s record on Benghazi in an interview with 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Not only what little cover of objectivity was blown apart by a rebuttal to Burnett by Cruz, it has also been abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton will have difficulty navigating through the Benghazi issues.

Patricia Smith, mother of slain Marine Sean Smith at the Benghazi embassy, was far less than pleased with our State Department’s handling of the Benghazi incident when Clinton was at the helm. In an interview with Brooke Baldwin of CNN June 17th, Smith blasted Clinton for “a bunch of baloney” and “a bunch of lies”.

Smith seethed, “They did not contact me at all” regarding the time the funeral was conducted for her son Sean. The insult to her did not solely stop with the truth not being disclosed to her. Patricia Smith asked if she could see her son’s body.

“I asked to see him and they wouldn’t let me”, Smith tartly said in the interview to CNN’s Baldwin. “They said go to Dover to see who was in the casket, which I didn’t go. I’m not even sure if he was in the casket”, remarked Smith.

It was a peculiar instruction to give to a grieving mother who merely wanted to pay last respects to her son. There have been a plethora of strange responses when the government was pressed for specifics on Benghazi which led to Hillary Clinton’s infamous “what difference at tis point does it make?” comment.

Overall June 17tht was a disaster of a news day for the White House whose platform of transparency is ringing quite hallow to an American public growing tired of scandal and unnecessary political theater. One can pull out that “I didn’t know” card only so many times before it begins losing its effectiveness.

A consistent theme concerning any problem facing the Obama Administration is nobody seems to have any accountability for anything.

The Obama Administration is running out of sacrificial lambs.

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