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What did your child learn in school this year?


The school year has ended! All testing is now over! What did your child learn in school this year? 

Some children learned how to read.
Some children learned the Pythagorean Theorem.
Some children learned about supply and demand in an economic system.
One little boy, while in class, was given a reproducible and asked to color the ice cream cone on the paper. The little boy took out his crayons and decided that he would color his ice cream cone his favorite color—purple. The youngster, proud of his work showed the teacher. Much to the young boy’s surprise, the teacher became quite angry. 
“What is wrong with you? Most children have colored their ice cream brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry, and some even left the ice cream white for vanilla. Have you ever seen a purple ice cream cone before?”
The class stared at the little boy and the teacher. The boy sat in shame.
Whatever the lesson was supposed to be that day, the little boy learned something he won’t soon forget. He learned that creativity and individuality had no place in that particular classroom. From this point on, he would resign himself to doing, saying, and trying to be just like the other kids in his classroom.
Teaching is a noble profession. There is no other job like it in the world. There are some great teachers who work in great schools that will change the face of education in this country despite the odds.
There are some teachers and schools that will do just the opposite. 
What type of school and what type of teachers will touch the life of your child? What is going on in your child’s classroom? As the school year winds down and your child has visions of summertime dance about in his/her head, I ask, what did your child learn in school this year?