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What did you do granddaddy?

Muriel Bowser

As the years ahead shorten and I have occasions to look back and reflect, I am often prospectively thinking of having conversations with my grandchildren about the struggles I faced and the crossroads I came upon. I dream in the future and see myself telling my life story to my grandchildren and to hear the question asked of me as only a child can – “And what did you do granddaddy?”

But before I can respond to this futuristic question from a hopeful grandchild, I must answer the question now.

To the many struggles and crossroads I faced, I can respond by saying I joined the military to serve my country. I became a teacher because of my passion to help young people and to leave a positive human fingerprint in the future. I became a political and community activist because of my commitment and belief in equality, fairness, justice and due process. Most importantly, I was faithful to my family and loyal to my friends. I honored my word and I remain dedicated to my values and to my principles.

I became a Democrat because I believe the Democratic Party offers the best hope for our children, the best protection for our seniors, and is a defender of equality, justice and opportunity for all people.

“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.”

Former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm

In the decision for the District’s 2014 mayoral race, there are some good people who are struggling or at crossroads. I understand.

Like so many others I woke up April 2, 2014 deeply disappointed and disheartened.

But life is full of transitions of all kinds.

On April 2nd I got up, washed myself, put on my clothes because I knew I was still blessed and had a job to do.

My love, respect, and admiration for Mayor Vincent C. Gray did not lessen on the morning of April 2nd; it became stronger. Nor did I abdicate my loyalty to Mayor Gray to support the District’s Democratic mayoral nominee Council Member Muriel Bowser.

To be clear, the District has made tremendous improvements in government service, fiscal stability, and in a commitment to all its citizens under Mayor Gray and his team. The District is safer and brighter because of his leadership. Moving forward, the future of the District will continue to be best served and protected with Council Member Bowser as mayor.

Her goals are progressive, her vision is clear, and her standards are high.

On November 4, 2014, Council Member Bowser represents the future for the District, not its past.

Therefore, if anyone be a champion for the District, know that Ms. Bowser is a new leader.

On that day when my grandchild is sitting in front of me and I tell him or her about my struggles and crossroads and he or she asks the question; “And what did you do granddaddy?” I will be able to answer and hopefully make them proud.

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