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What Did Job Do For His Children?

When a person reads Job 1:1-22 you can't help but admire and be in awe of Job's life. He had such a great love and commitment to the Lord. His lifestyle involved a total trust and belief that a relationship with God was more important than anything else.

Job believed that his faithfulness to the Lord would pull his family into the blessings of God. Job not only wanted God's blessings on his life but on his children as well. Notice in Job 1:5 that Job offered burnt offerings for his children in order for them to stay under the umbrella of God's blessings. Also notice that he did this continually!

What are we doing today to pull our children into the blessings of the Lord? Is our lifestyle a life of dedication and commitment to God whereby our offspring will be blessed because we are blessed? Is our influence upon our children drawing them into the Lord or farther away?

The bottom line is that we are either pulling our children into the blessings of God or we are pulling them away from Him. Job did all he could do bring the blessings of God upon his children through his personal devotion and service to God.

Though every child has to make a choice as to whom they will serve, that choice can be influenced by the godly lifestyle of the parents. Choices can also be influenced by bad examples as well.

What did Job do for his children? He initiated their blessings by having a personal lifestyle that was pleasing before the Lord. How well do you want your children blessed? The answer depends upon how committed and devoted you want to be to the Lord as a parent.

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