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What did Demi Lovato think about the unflattering Wilmer Valderrama article?

Demi Lovato is not happy with the Daily Beast for publishing an unflattering piece about her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. As the "Neon Lights" singer tweeted on April 10, "@thedailybeast such a classy 'news site' you are. Writing horrible things about people you know NOTHING about. Get a LIFE you ignorant f-cks."

Demi Lovato is not happy about the Daily Beast's article about Wilmer Valderrama.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The Daily Beast article, published April 9, attempted to decipher Walderrama's inexplicable sex appeal. Writer Amy Zimmerman wondered how despite his modest acting career, he managed to date some of the hottest women in Hollywood.

This week, private pictures (possibly of Lovato and Valderrama) had surfaced. The Daily Beast writer suggested that this recent photo scandal had given the 34-year-old actor a chance to reenter the public spotlight. As she commented, "Yo Wilmer Valderrama's so culturally irrelevant, he relies on the commodification of his young girlfriend's body in order to re-enter the current celebrity conversation!"

The writer also cited past quotes to illustrate his "flagrant lack of modesty." In a 2006 interview with Howard Stern, Valderrama had talked about how sex with Mandy Moore had been good, "but it wasn't warm like apple pie," how sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt had been an eight out of ten, and how Ashlee Simpson had been a "screamer." He also talked about how Lindsay Lohan was a fan of waxing, and that she did not have breast implants.

Was Lovato justified in lashing out at the Daily Beast? On the one hand, she makes a valid point. It's easy for bloggers to make unflattering assumptions about people they don't personally know. On the other hand, the author was using direct quotes from Valderrama himself. It's difficult to defend someone who has made such blatantly distasteful comments about women from his past.

Was the Daily Beast out of line for publishing such a critical piece about Wilmer Valderrama? Or does Demi Lovato need to rethink her relationship with him? Hopefully, he treats her better than he seems to have treated his exes.

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