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What did 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo say to Clare that offended her on final date?

What did Juan Pablo say to Clare that offended her?
What did Juan Pablo say to Clare that offended her?

"Bachelor" Juan Pablo offended Clare during a private conversation in a helicopter on their last date. Many fans are wondering what he said that made her so upset.

WetPaint reports that his comment goes beyond what anyone would have expected out of his mouth. Although his words have been harsh and sometimes a little too direct this season, Juan Pablo will lose even more points with fans due to his ugly comment to Clare.

A source close to Wetpaint Entertainment had this to say about the conversation that went down inside the helicopter on the season finale of the "Bachelor":

“Clare asked Juan Pablo, ‘Just tell me you love me,’” knowing that the Bachelor may be hesitant to declare such a thing on camera, the insider says. “And he said, ‘I really loved f—ing you.’”

Is anyone shocked to hear that he said this? If it is true, it ranks up there with the worst one-liner ever uttered by a "Bachelor" in the history of the show. Even if this wasn't exactly what Juan Pablo said, it was clear that Clare was taken aback by his crass comment, so much so that she didn't want to see him on the "After the Final Rose" special.

Clare spoke to Chris Harrison on the live "AFTR" show and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief that she didn't have to deal with Juan Pablo's insulting comments any longer.

Now it's Nikki's turn to see if the man that told her he liked her "a lot" at the final rose ceremony is really the man she thinks he is. Time will tell if that very one-sided relationship lasts more than a week past the finale.

Juan Pablo & Nikki fighting after final rose

What do you think about the "Bachelor" season finale and Juan Pablo's crass comment to Clare?

Are you shocked at what Juan Pablo said to Clare when they were alone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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