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What Designers Are Responsible For The HC28 Furniture Range?

HC28 Lounge
HC28 Lounge
Red Interior Design

What many people do not realise is that the HC28 range of furniture that is all the rage these days isn’t actually the work of an individual – it is the culmination of efforts by a number of designers. Many of these designers are quite well known around the world, and you might be surprised to learn that they were actually behind your favourite HC28 piece. We have decided to take a quick look at each of the designers responsible here.

Francois Champsaur
He graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in France before working with world-renowned designer, Christian Liaigre. Champsaur was then commissioned for a number of projects, including Troi Gros, Club Med and the Metropolitan Hotel. He is one of the founders of the HC28 brand and a number of his creations have won awards.

Christophe Delcourt
He has been designing and producing his own furniture collection since 1993. Before joining HC28, he was famous for designing exclusive pieces for a number of well known brands. Delcourt has also been commissioned to design furniture for Le Printemps in Paris, Lane Crawford in Beijing, Cartier in Tokyo, and Saint Regis Bel Harbour in Miami.

Derrick Chen
He has committed himself to exploring the world to merge Chinese elements with modern design. Some of his more notable creations include “Changbanpo”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Chinese Ding” and “Crescent Moon Chair” – each has quite a strong personal style. As for the HC28 range, he is the mastermind behind the Xuan armchair and the Sunny table.

Enrique Marti
He was the general Product Manager at Dona Living and Chueca until he decided to open his own company, known only by his initials, “E.M.”. His works have been selected for a variety of top magazines, including El Secto and Woman Decoration. Marti joined the HC28 team in 2013 and released the popular Margurite sofa and armchair.

Jackie Yang
He graduated from the London Metropolitan University in Architecture and Interior Design before, in 2004, becoming the chief representative for the Urban Future Organisation based in China. Yang began to work with the HC28 team in 2009 and his efforts have focused specifically on the research and promotion of oriental modernity.

Masayuki Kurokawa
He is one of the best known architects and designers in the world and is responsible for creating a new design era in Japan. Kurokawa has been able to successfully blend eastern and western aesthetic concepts, which he has incorporated into his iconic style. His work has actually won many awards, such as G-MARK and the Good Design Award.

Pascal Allaman
He has experience as both an interior decorator and designer who has been commissioned to work on some very prestigious projects, such as Blancpains boutiques and the headquarters of Euler Hermes SFAC in Paris. He didn’t start working for HC28 until 2013, but he has released a number of pieces in his short time there.

The next time you are browsing the spectacular HC28 range, keep in mind that you could be taking home a stunning piece of furniture that has come straight from the mind of one of the renowned designers outlined above. And, if you are looking for a piece that has been created by a particular designer, all you need to do is check out the HC28 website to learn exactly which ones each has been responsible for during their careers.

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