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What damages kids more....the Creation narrative or we are evolved animals?

Evolutionists and atheists have had their way in our school system with poor results.  It is about time the philosophical platform is at least shared.
Evolutionists and atheists have had their way in our school system with poor results. It is about time the philosophical platform is at least shared.
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Education or indoctrination is the battleground that is currently going on in our school systems today as the minds of our children are being molded, but molded to what? Abraham Lincoln said, “the philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”.

The Bible was removed from the school rooms during the great purge of “religious material” in the early 1960s along with prayer and the Ten Commandments. When the Scopes Trial succeeded in having evolution being taught in our educational camps, it was said it would be taught along with Creation. They lied.

The social consequences of removing one philosophy and replacing it with another has never been sufficiently addressed, however it is not a small coincidence that much of deterioration of society began taking place at the very moment the standards as teaching Creation, using the Bible as a moral compass, and ejecting the Ten Commandments were removed from our schools.

Rebellion and showing disrespect for authority have been issues in generations past, but there was a proliferation of problems that exploded in society and the school system once the Biblical standards that forged our nation and forefathers were eliminated.

Could it be that humans began acting more like animals because that is what was being taught? Evolutionary indoctrination began officially back in the 1920s and the slippage of human standards were already progressing. The tipping point took place once prayer, the Bible, Ten Commandments, and Creation were officially jettisoned in the 60s.

The indoctrination of moral relativism became the rage as “no such thing as absolute right or absolute wrong” began to assault the authority of the Bible as a moral compass of America.

In the Bible there is a similar rebellion talked about at the end of Judges where there was no authority over the inhabitants of Israel and “every man did what was right in their own eyes”. This relative moralism displayed nearly destroyed the social order of the nation.

Today the question needs to be fairly investigated concerning self-image, positive reinforcement, and the purpose of our children. What do you suppose damages kids most, believing they are children of God or children of animals?

The above question has tons to do with answering the REAL big questions of one’s destiny, (1) Who am I?, (2) What is my purpose?, (3) Where did I come from?, and (4) Where am I going?

Is there any better explanation concerning the tremendous rise in depression and suicide than how one processes the question, “am I connected to God or connected to animals?” The purpose of one’s existence is honesty rendered moot by the concept that one’s destiny concludes with death. It is rather devastating to children to learn that their birth by father and mother was “an accident” and not something that was planned. That would be a deflating experience and hardly inspiring with our overall existence too.

One can pretend all is well and look forward to the Darwinian design of merely using you as an insignificant evolved beast that just perhaps may be a building block to a better human being in the future, but what is the point? It is rather a morbid prognosis.

Without hope then existence is rather pointless.

Existence with design is a hateful idea to evolutionists and atheists. Should just the concept of design be allowed to take place due to scientific investigation, then it would destroy the philosophy of evolution. Inspect the statements of these individuals that embrace the idea of a no divine beginning,

Francis Crick says, “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved”.

Yes, it does not matter what the scientific evidence suggests, you just can’t have design…design would mean a Designer.

Atheist Richard Dawkins wrote, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose”.

Yep, we just can’t have the idea based on scientific evidence that there is design and a purpose for existence.

Or how about what Richard Lewontin of Harvard University of zoology and biology said, “We cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door”.

After all of the indoctrination, not education, that evolution is the way, then why does the majority of America still reject evolution and maintain their belief in Creation?

In the final analysis, these logical thinkers have already presupposed that there is no God involved regardless of what the scientific evidence points. The scientific evidence all points to design, and that is unthinkable and unacceptable to atheistic and evolutionary believers. Crick discloses the very truth in scientific study when he says, “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed”.

Suggesting design is an abomination even though research by scientists points to design. Blindly looking in one direction is not science, it is stubbornness to what one thinks it should be….that is pure philosophy.

So what really causes the most damage to our children? Believing in a divine spark does not seem to impact the Jewish scientists and scholars in a negative way when one considers achievements. Inventions and scientific breakthroughs by Christian scientists have not been diminished by a belief in God either. In fact one could wager there have been more significant achievements by people with a belief in God than not.

So why are our children being indoctrinated as though there is not a God?

"In the beginning" is not as preposterous based on religious belief and scientific evidence after all.

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