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What customers see as great moments in their experience

The first shoppers through the doors in London, England
The first shoppers through the doors in London, England
Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

The thought that customers are only looking for a great deal is incorrect. Customers are interested in more. If a business only puts it's attention on price, it will be missing the chance to address what creates a great service experience in the mind of it's customers.

Five elements customers see as a great experience are:

  1. Going the extra mile. Show a commitment to exceeding the customer's expectations. Customers want to know you are aware of their wants and needs and they will readily tell their friends.
  2. Focus on what value means to the customer. Know your competitors and the marketplace. Match your offerings to your target customers better than anyone else.
  3. The customer's feedback counts. Create strong, trusting relationships with your customers. Ask for communication and feedback.
  4. Be the expert. Find out everything you can about how to deliver great customer service. Make improvements where necessary.
  5. Friendly and knowledgeable employees. Empower employees with the tools, training, and support they must have to deliver excellent service consistently.
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